How to Adopt a Dog in Dubai?

How to Adopt a Dog in Dubai?

Sep 29, 2022

How to Adopt a Dog in Dubai?
How to Adopt a Dog in Dubai?

In Dubai, numerous stray and abandoned dogs are looking for a permanent home. Unfortunately, many dogs in the emirate are left due to the transient character of Dubai’s way of life. Whether they have already become stray animals, have been abandoned, or have owners wishing to rehome them because of a change in circumstances… It is up to licensed rescue organizations and animal welfare societies or organizations to care for these puppies.

Here are the steps you should follow to adopt a dog in Dubai and make sure both you and your new pet are happy:

1. Check whether your tenancy contract allows pets

Check whether your tenancy contract allows pets

To adopt a dog in Dubai, you must first and foremost confirm that your present house is pet-friendly. Too frequently, owners are faced with finding a new home for their dog because they neglected to verify that their apartment or building allowed dogs. It should be expressly specified in your tenancy agreement. Even if your apartment complex allows pets, you must make sure that your leasing agreement, which both you and your landlord must sign, states that dogs are welcome to stay with you while you are renting. If your leasing agreement states that pets are permitted, but the apartment complex where you reside does not. You may be in a sticky scenario down the road, especially if a neighbour or the building management voices their concerns. Make sure your Dubai home is pet-friendly to be on the safe side for you and your prospective adoptive.

2.    Law for Animal

Law for Animal

You Must research the laws governing animal ownership in the UAE after you have become familiar with the regulations in your area of residence. One must consult Federal Legislation No. 22 of 2016 under UAE law.

  • Article 12 – Licensing and Obligations for the Possession of Dogs
    No one may possess a dog without having obtained a licence from the competent authority. The implementing regulation shall specify the relevant conditions and requirements.

  • Article 13- A Register for the Dogs
    A register for the dogs whose possession is licensed shall be created at the competent authority. Said register shall contain all the data related to each dog and its possessor, including:
    1- The name, ID number, address, age, nationality, and place of residence of the dog’s possessor.
    2- The dog’s origin, type, colour, and distinctive marks, if any, as well as the number of the electronic chip and the vaccination record.

  • Article 14 – Dealing with Dangerous Dogs
    Without prejudice to Article (4) of the present Law, every natural or legal person shall be prohibited from possessing, or trading or breeding any of the dogs classified as dangerous and specified in Annex (2) of the present Law.

  • Article 15- Leashing the Dogs
    Dogs must be leashed during hiking or when taken outside the boundaries of their shelters with appropriate collars in a manner to control them; otherwise, they shall be detained and disposed of as prescribed in the implementing regulation of the present Law.

3.   Head to an Adoption Day

Head to an Adoption Day

After getting in touch with an animal rescue organization in Dubai, you can decide whether to go to one of the citywide adoption events or go directly to a shelter. A dog’s placement in a suitable home is the top concern of any animal rescue organization in Dubai. You can work closely with the rescues to pick a dog based on its size, activity needs, health requirements, and other aspects that will ideally fit your house.

4.   Licensed Animal Shelter

Licensed Animal Shelter

You have now researched all the guidelines and procedures for adopting an animal. It is now time to decide which animal shelter one will adopt their new pet from. There are many animal shelters where animals are available for adoption. But one should only adopt from approved shelters. Such covers have the government’s approval because they have complied with all standards. Additionally, it increases their legal responsibility. Those who operate an animal center without a license or attempt to assist with an individual adoption of an animal without a license may not always have the wrong motives.

5.    Adoption Fees

Adoption Fees

Put the money you donate to the rescuer to pay for the dog’s adoption. This helps with the costs of specific treatments they must perform on every rescued animal. Such as microchipping, initial vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, and neutering/spaying the animal if necessary.

Patience and training will ensure your new family member feels at home after arriving home safely. You need to be a little persistent with a rescue, but once they’re at ease, there is no love like it.