Understanding Canine Behavior: Training and Socialization Tips

Understanding Canine Behavior: Training and Socialization Tips

Aug 7, 2023

Understanding Canine Behavior: Training and Socialization Tips
Understanding Canine Behavior: Training and Socialization Tips

As a dog parent, you’re often worried about making your pet feel comfortable and happy. This is why most pet parents think about implementing socialization. It’s important to make your dog feel comfortable interacting with others, but the problem is it’s not easy, especially when some dogs are naturally awkward or introverted.

This is when you need to do whatever you can as a pet parent, and you can even consider taking them to daycare run by professional pet groomers in Dubai. Through professional support, you can easily create a proper routine to train your dog to interact and socialize.

Anyway, let’s check some effective tips to train and socialize your dog.

Start Early, But Socialize Gradually

While starting early, like when they’re 3-12 weeks, is important, you should understand that it’s different from socializing quickly. Some dogs don’t feel comfortable around new people, other animals, and environments. This might be their nature, so you should consider gradual socialization when helping them socialize to reduce loneliness.

The reason is that it’s never a good idea to offer them a lot of stimuli at once, so take one step at a time, which means one new activity a day. For example, you can take your dog to a dog spa in Dubai one day and elsewhere some other day.

Use Positive Reinforcement

While there are many methods to train your dog to socialize, one of the best methods professionals use is positive reinforcement. It’s good for your dog and you because you won’t find it mentally challenging. This approach encourages your dog to repeat those behaviors, making the learning process effective.

Try offering your dog praise, treats, and toys when they react to your command correctly. For example, when you take them to professional dog groomers in Dubai, there’s a procedure to make a booking, so during that time, you can politely ask your dog to remain seated, and they’ll do it if you have trained them using positive reinforcement. This positive attitude goes a long way in helping them develop socializing skills.

Take Them On Walk

This is one of the best and easiest ways to train your dog to socialize. When you do this, they will see different people, animals, and things, and it’ll make them understand and feel there’s more to the world they live in. They will slowly accept that the people are not as scary as they assumed.

When you take different routes on different days, you’ll be expanding their exposure to the world without trying hard, and that’s subtle training, which is ideal for dogs with extreme fear of strangers.


Remember, when you are training your dog to socialize, the crucial factor that you can’t overlook is your pet’s cue. If the pet feels and shows that’s enough for the day, accept it and try again the next day.

While it’s true that you’re helping your dog to socialize so that they won’t feel lonely, it’s not something you can achieve overnight. Take it slow, but be consistent and patient.