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5 Tips to keep your pet safe in the heat

5 Tips to keep your pet safe in the heat

As the temperature continues to rise, you may be considering whether or not it is safe for your pets to stay outside in your yard as they usually do. The good news is that most dogs, cats, and other pets can tolerate the heat if given a drink of water twice a day. Why?

Because cats and dogs have a fantastic ability to stay calm when needed, simply put — your kitty knows what she’s doing. However, just like people, pets need some extra care in the excess heat. Before pet owners leave their cats and dogs in air conditioning care, here are some tips to keep them safe and comfortable. 

Ensure your pet has access to plenty of shade and freshwater

Ensure your pet has access to plenty of shade and freshwater
5 Tips to keep your pet safe in the heat 7

Make sure your pet has easy access to lots of shade if you’re having fun in the sun. Also, remember to replace his water often because it can heat up rapidly on a humid summer day, especially if it’s in a metal bowl. 

How hot is too hot? There is, regrettably, no magic number that we can use to determine when it is hazardous for a dog to remain outside. Your particular pup will choose everything.

Age, health, breed and even fur color can affect outcomes. Check on your sidekick periodically; if they seem uneasy, give them the chance to go inside and enjoy some air conditioning.

Ensure that your pet has unfettered access to cold water and a shaded area where it can escape the heat. If your pet is housed in a cage or other enclosure, ensure it is always in a perfect, well-ventilated space. The most important rule is to keep confined animals out of direct sunshine because they could soon grow dangerously hot there.

Check the pavement before you walk your pet

Check the pavement before you walk your pet
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In general, if the pavement is too warm for your bare feet, it will likely be too warm for your pet. Before allowing your pet to put its paws on the ground, always check the temperature of the surface. It’s simple to overlook the risk that hot asphalt or sand poses to your pet’s paw pads. The ground should be secure enough for your pet to walk on if you can comfortably hold your palm there for 30 seconds without risking hurting your companion.

Always stay on the grass; if your pet starts lifting his paws, hobbling, or skipping while you’re out for a summer stroll, it’s time to go home.

You may assist in moisturizing your pet’s paws if you notice that they seem dry by using dog-friendly moisturizers. Paw pads are also an excellent way to keep your furry baby’s paw safe during hot days.

 Limit exercise on hot days

Limit exercise on hot days
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Your furry friend might think it’s a fantastic idea to play fetch in the sun for hours, but try to moderate your pet’s activity routine on hot summer days. It’s easy to keep your pets safe over the summer by keeping them inside. It’s a fantastic method to start engaging them in enrichment activities that will make them tired!

Working on fundamental commands like “sit, stay, down, & spin” and rewarding your dog with their favorite treats can serve as a simple dog enrichment activity. Utilizing (or constructing) a snuffle mat, including a puzzle feeder, experimenting with frozen Kongs and lick-mats, and even teaching your pet scent work, are all examples of additional enrichment activities you may incorporate into your pet’s daily routine. Your pet may enjoy a variety of indoor activities while remaining calm.

The best times to take your dog outside are in the morning or the evening. The sun is most intense between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please do not walk your pet during this time. Water should always be given to your pet on walks at regular intervals. If your Fido has his insulated bottle, it’s a bonus point!

Be especially careful with short-nosed dogs

Be especially careful with short nosed dogs
5 Tips to keep your pet safe in the heat 10

Suppose your dog has a short snout (boxers, bulldogs, pugs, Shih Tzus, etc.). In that case, it’s essential to be extra careful and monitor them throughout the day. These breeds are more prone to suffering from heat stroke.

Brachycephalic breeds can’t pant as effectively due to their distinctive facial form, so they can’t cool themselves as effectively. They are more likely to suffer from heat exhaustion and other heat-related issues.

Never leave your pet in your car on a hot day

Never leave your pet in the car on hot days
5 Tips to keep your pet safe in the heat 11

Just don’t do it, please. Not if it’s overcast. Not when it’s windy. It’s not “only for five minutes.” Temperatures can climb quickly in a hot car, even with the windows open, and there is no safe amount of time for a dog to stay inside. A car’s inside temperature can rise to 104 degrees in just 30 minutes on a pleasant day of 70 degrees. Leave your pet at home, where they are secure if you cannot bring them with you when you stop.

Watch out for signs of heat stroke

Watch out for signs of heat stroke
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Heat stroke can be deadly to our furry friends, and we must know what to look for. When your pet cannot expel too much heat, their body temperature increases, leading to heat stroke. Excessive panting, a quick heartbeat, red gums, and excessive drooling are signs of this condition, typically defined by an internal body temperature of 106 degrees or greater. Additionally, if your pet is exhausted, it may appear floppy or drooping.

Get your pet inside as soon as possible if you think they may be experiencing heat stroke, and provide them with lots of cool water. Cover your pet’s body with cool towels and give them a cold bath if you can.

Heat stroke is a severe medical condition that can lead to organ failure. If your pet cannot move or walk, has labored breathing, or doesn’t seem as responsive as expected, take them to the vet immediately.

With these few tips, you can keep your pet safe from the worst of the heat. It’s crucial that they are excellent indoors and out of direct sunlight for as much of the day as possible. At The Barking Lot, we have a perfect spot to help your furry baby escape the heat and have some great indoor fun.

Our 18,000-square-foot facility gives our guests ample space to play indoors in fully air-conditioned parks and outdoors in shaded parks. We have hired the best and most qualified Care Crew who supervises the park 24/7 so that you can rest assured your best friends are in able hands. Contact us for more details. 

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