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Tips On Keeping Your Pets Safe And Healthy While You’re Away

Keep Pets Safe And Healthy

As a loving fur mom and dad, we understand the stress of figuring out what to do with your pet while you go on a holiday trip and you have no choice but to leave your cats or dogs behind. If this is your first time leaving your pet while on a travel break, you might be concerned about how to relieve separation anxiety, keep your dogs or cats as happy as possible, and give the best environment while you’re gone. Moreover, you may continue to worry about your fur babies while on vacation, making it impossible to unwind and appreciate your free time.

There are three main alternatives for your pet when you leave on vacation for a week or more. You can have someone care for your pet in your home, leave them in a hotel boarding facility, or ask a trusted friend or family member to take them in while you’re away. No matter how much you adore your pet, spending your trip worrying about him will exhaust you and will do nothing to comfort your dog from afar. Instead, arrange everything in advance to ensure that your time away is as enjoyable as possible for both of you. You can relieve your concerns about leaving your pet behind while on vacation by planning ahead of time.

Here are some recommendations to help you determine which option is ideal for you and how to ready your pets and keep them comfortable and safe.

Alternative 1: Pet Boarding Facility

In unusual circumstances, leaving your pet at home or taking them with you on vacation may not be possible. Whatever the case may be, boarding your pet is the best option. If you decide to board or kennel your pet, ensure they have all the required vaccines for the facility. If your pet has never been left unsupervised before, a trial day is a good idea to assess how your pet reacts. Most pet hotels will allow this to guarantee that your pet will be a good fit.

Ensure the hotel for dogs and cats you hire is accredited, and spend some time with him before you go so your pets can become familiar with the staff. Boarding facilities have extensive experience caring for pets and will ensure their safety and well-being. Make sure to plan ahead in identifying which facility is best for your fur babies.

Here are some tips for relieving anxiety if your pet needs to be boarded while you’re away:

  • Bring your pet’s medications and food to the hostel so their normal routine can be retained while you are away.
  • Provide a schedule of your dog’s or cat’s feedings, medication prescriptions, and other pastimes.
  • Provide solutions to any behavioral difficulties that may occur while you are away.
  • While you’re gone, leave an unwashed tee shirt with your dog or cat so he will be comforted by your scent in a new environment.

Alternative 2: In-Home Pet Sitters

An expert pet sitter is another option if your pet isn’t enthusiastic about spending time with other animals or if you believe he’d be more relaxed with the familiarity of his habitat while you’re away. You may opt to have pet sitters that can watch your pet around the clock and stay at your house or those who can come by regularly throughout the day to provide meals, companionship, and quality time.

Make sure your pet sitter comes by at least once before you depart. It will make your pet feel less anxious when they come to your place after you leave. Plan your pet sitter’s visits to align with your pet’s usual daily schedule. Ensure to provide your contact details with any information the sitter would need to know about your pet’s nutrition or healthcare concerns. Also, verify if any medication prescriptions or meals need to be replenished.

Alternative 3: Ask A Friend or Family Member

Make sure the person you choose to care for your pet is someone you can trust. It includes finding a trustworthy, dependable friend or family member who can devote the necessary time to caring for your pet. If you have parents or siblings who live close by, they are ideal options for carers because they are familiar with you, your dog, and the importance of the task. Consider the people in your life who are the most comfortable with your dog – familiar faces are the best alternative for making your pet comfortable while you are not around. To make things easier, ask them if they may stay in your home while you’re gone — this way, you’ll have a built-in sitter to provide your dog with comfort and affection.

It’s difficult to say goodbye to your dog, but there’s nothing to worry about as long as you arrange everything before you leave. Make sure you’ve provided everything your dogs will require at the time being, regardless of who is caring for them while you’re gone or where you’re leaving them. Enjoy your much-needed break, and so you won’t feel guilty about leaving, you can buy pet treats and cute memorabilia on your trip that you can give to your pets after you come back.

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