Pet Boarding Hotel: Why It’s a Better Option Than Having A Pet Sitter

Pet Boarding Hotel: Why It’s a Better Option Than Having A Pet Sitter

Nov 28, 2022

Why It's A Better Option To Go For A Pet Boarding Hotel?
Why It's A Better Option To Go For A Pet Boarding Hotel?

If you’re traveling away from home and won’t be able to bring your dog, you’ll usually have a few options. You can either board your dog in a boarding facility or have someone stay at (or visit) your home and care for your pets. These are both tested and reliable solutions. You can determine the ideal choice by how your dog reacts to other people and unfamiliar dogs.

Examine the benefits and downsides and consider how your pet would react to either to decide between the two options. You can use our helpful advice to help you decide between a pet sitter and a boarding kennel for your pet.

Pet Sitting vs. Pet Boarding Hotel?

Several years ago, the only option for pet owners was to board their pets at a nearby kennel. Pet boarding is similar to taking your dog to a pet hotel, except that all the guests are animals. Pet sitting, on the other hand, is an option. A pet sitter will typically stay at your home while you are away, or will visit once or twice daily to care for your pets. Some pets benefit from boarding, while others do just fine at home. It all depends on your pet.

Pet boarding provides your animal with a systematic everyday routine that includes meal and exercise times. Many pets find schedules reassuring while their owner is away. Boarding will also allow your dog to socialize with other dogs. And many facilities have on-site veterinarians and pet groomers, which is ideal if your pet requires treatments or special medical care.

When to Consider Boarding Your Pet

If your pet is a puppy, boarding is the best option. You’ll feel better knowing it’s getting the restroom breaks, attention, and social time it needs to stay happy and stimulated. If you have a pet who becomes destructive while you are away, boarding is a better option. Pets who are prone to separation anxiety will fare better with round-the-clock care.

Despite the fact that many pets are kept on pet-friendly hotel grounds, qualified and experienced staff members provide constant supervision and monitoring to avoid incidents. Many friendly pets socialize with other animals and people, making their stay enriching.

Pets in boarding kennels follow a strict schedule, which can help reduce stress and make your animal’s stay more enjoyable. All pets are fed and exercised on this schedule from the start to help them learn what to expect.

During your pet’s stay, the staff monitors food consumption, activity levels, and your animal’s demeanor. If problems arise, a skilled and experienced veterinarian may examine your pet and provide treatment as needed to resolve the trouble.

When Pet Sitting is a Good Alternative

Do you have several dogs, cats, or other pets? If this is the case, pet sitting could be a good fit. Dogs who have a companion or two are less lonely than if they are the only pet. If your dogs are older, allowing them to stay in familiar surroundings will keep them calm. If you have house cats who like to do their own thing when you’re home, having a sitter come by once or twice a day may be enough.

Choosing The Level of Service That Meets Your Pet’s Needs

Pet boarding facilities are no longer the grimy, depressing places they once were. Your pet can now have fun interacting and playing while you’re away, and your cat can relax in a clean, fresh-smelling facility with plenty of affection and care.

Pet boarding options range from spa-like facilities that pamper pets to doggie summer camps to medical boarding for animals that require special care. If you’re trying to decide which boarding facility to take your beloved pet to, make sure to look into a few different options in your area to find one that meets your pet’s needs.

To choose the best care option while you are away, pet owners must consider their animal’s personality, general well-being, age, and other needs. To make the best decision, consider the pros and cons of each option and weigh them against your pet’s needs. If you’re not sure, try a short stay at a boarding kennel followed by a stay with a pet sitter to see how your pets react. Your pet will undoubtedly appreciate the extra attention.