What Are The 10 Best Family Dogs?

What Are The 10 Best Family Dogs?

Sep 3, 2022

What Are The 10 Best Family Dogs?
What Are The 10 Best Family Dogs?

Dogs are great companions and can be a source of endless love, joy and happiness. Choosing the right dog can make all the difference in the world. What kind of dog you get depends largely on what you want out of one, as they all have different temperaments. But when it comes to family dogs, some breeds stand above the rest as extremely friendly and welcoming to every family member. When adding a new puppy or dog to your family, deciding which is the best fit can be difficult. Here is a list of the ten best family dogs for your consideration:

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds for a good reason: it is playful, patient, loving, protective, dependable and is a good family dog. Another advantage is that labs are highly clever and respond well to training.

They demand A LOT of activity (they adore swimming! ), so make sure your family is up for the task. Make sure kids have enough space to go around and play.

Black Labs, Chocolate Labs, and Yellow Labs all have the same feeling of stamina, strength, and loyalty that has made them such a popular breed. These friendly canines get along well with nearly everyone they meet, including animals. Their short coats ensure they only need a weekly comb to stay clean and healthy.


The striking and wrinkly Bulldog is an excellent friend for children. These devoted dogs can adapt to various environments, cities or countries and enjoy spending time with their owners.

Most are also friendly to strangers and get along well with other dogs, making them ideal for a busy, social home. Because of their compact size, they are suited for both large houses and tiny apartments.

If you choose to get a Bulldog, bear in mind that the compressed shape of their jaw means they’ll need extra attention with tooth cleaning, and wheezing, snoring, and drooling are normal.

To minimize dirt buildup, clean the folds around their tail and facial wrinkles. Their coat, on the other hand, requires little attention.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers originally came into prominence because of the desire for a medium-sized dog that would do well in wild-fowling, upland game and waterfowl. Today, the breed’s adaptability, intelligence, and agreeable personality make it suitable for various applications. In all sports competitions, it has developed into one of the most prosperous, recognizable, and well-liked breeds.

These high-energy furry friends love to play and hence will be perfect amongst young children who are all full of energy.


Because of their small size and peaceful temperament, the Beagle is an excellent choice for families.

Initially, Beagles were kept as hunting dogs, and because of their strong frame, they are never too tired to play games. If your children enjoy being outside, this breed will fit right in because there is nothing they enjoy more than going on hikes.

The Beagle is a smart, cheerful, and happy dog that usually gets along with other pets.


The phrase “multum in parvo,” which translates to “a lot of dogs in a little place,” perfectly describes the Pug. Despite his small size, he does not need to be held. His roguish face quickly wiggles its way into the hearts of men, women, and especially youngsters, for whom this dog appears to have a unique affinity. 

His main motive for existing is to be near his people and to please them. He is equally good at home in a little apartment or a country property and adaptive to all settings.

If you like busking at home, the Pug is perfect for you as they do not require a lot of exercise.

Mixed Breed

While your family may think primarily of purebred canines, don’t exclude mixed breeds. Mixed breeds frequently combine the most significant characteristics of two (or more!) great breeds into a single dog.

Adopting a mixed breed dog saves the lives of two dogs: the one you adopt and the one you’ve now made room for at the rescue.

Adopting a dog allows you to learn more about its habits. Shelter or rescue employees spend their days caring for the dogs so that they can tell you all about a dog’s behaviour and habits.


Poodles are well-tempered and well-behaved, which makes them popular with families. Because of their fun and energetic character, standard poodles are ideal for active families. These pups don’t bark much and enjoy socializing with humans and other pups they meet while out for a stroll in the neighbourhood. 

Poodles, according to Canine Journal, are intelligent and easy to train. They are fast to learn and protective, keen to keep an eye on children in the backyard or playground.

Each breed has its own set of advantages. The Standard Poodle, for example, is exceptionally obedient, intelligent, lively, and adventurous. Although they are often hesitant with strangers, they get along well with friends and children.

On the other hand, Miniature Poodles like to devote themselves to a single person. Still, they get along well with other pets and children. They are funny, intelligent, bright, and obedient.

Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier was developed to be a friendly and kind companion dog to adults and children, despite its unfair reputation as an aggressive animal.

Remember that your Bull Terrier may have a penchant for mischief, particularly with other small animals and dogs. Keep your pet mentally and physically busy every day to avoid complications.

The short, flat coat of a Bull Terrier is easy to care for, and the breed thrives with easy access to a yard for play.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Combine a toy breed’s portability with a sporting breed’s vigour, and you have these charming and enthusiastic friends. This kind of silky-furred companion gets along with almost everyone they meet, even children and other canines. The flowing hair and heart-melting face are just icing on the cake.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are sweet, lively, and dependable, making them excellent all-around companions. According to the American Kennel Club, they make excellent playmates for youngsters, particularly active children eager to burn off energy with this hyperactive canine.

Cocker spaniels enjoy running outside regardless of the weather, so keep the rain boots by the door. These pups are eager to please and eager to learn. They also make excellent greeters, cheerfully welcoming owners’ homes with their tails waving madly.

It may be hard to find “the right dog for you,” but once you do, be willing to spend the time and effort it takes to train your furry friend properly. Not only will this help keep your dog happy, but it will also make you feel good about choosing a family pet. Good luck!