7 Dog Grooming Tips to Keep Them Looking & Feeling Good

7 Dog Grooming Tips to Keep Them Looking & Feeling Good

Sep 29, 2022

What Are Dog Grooming Tips to Keep Them Look Good?
What Are Dog Grooming Tips to Keep Them Look Good?

A dog’s life is a pleasure (well, for most of them). They run free and don’t have to deal with the stress of an office job. An essential component of a dog’s health care is grooming. It not only solves any annoying problems your dog could have, but it also provides the much-needed time for bonding. Grooming and bathing your dog helps keep you, your house, and your pets clean and healthy.

Even dogs with short hair and easy-care coats require routine brushing, washing, and nail cutting.

Sooner or later, their hair gets out of control and needs grooming. This article will go over 7 easy grooming tips you can do at home to make your dog look fabulous.

1. Brush their coats to maintain clean and healthy fur and skin

Brush their coats to maintain clean and healthy fur and skin

Cleaning your dog’s coat and skin with a brush will eliminate dirt, debris, dead hair, and bad odours. It spreads the organic oils, giving your dog’s coat a lustrous, healthy appearance. Your next grooming visit will go more smoothly (and make your groomer happy!) if you brush correctly to remove matting and tangles.

For his coat to remain clear of mats, your longer-haired dog requires more than simply brushing. After brushing, use a metal comb to reach the skin’s surface and look for any mats that might be forming. Use a metal comb carefully, paying extra attention to your dog’s sensitive skin.

2. Trim their nails

Trim their nails

When looking at trimming your pet’s nails, there are several benefits. Your dog and their nails can become uncomfortable through scratching. Scratching can lead to several health problems. Your dog may lose its fur in different areas of the body. There are a lot of discomforts that can arise from long nails. Repetitive behaviour that also includes anxiety may occur because of the discomfort.  

You can cut your dog’s nails in a few simple steps, but you must maintain the curvature of the nail and avoid going too far, or the nail will bleed. Contact your veterinarian if you have any queries or worries about trimming your dog’s nails. Bring your pet to The Barking Lot so that one of our professionals can carefully trim his nails if you find it too frightening to do.

3. Don’t forget about the teeth

Don’t forget about the teeth

Plaque-forming foods and bacteria can accumulate on your dog’s teeth. This could result in gingivitis, receding gums, and tooth loss if it hardens into tartar. Regular tooth cleaning, a balanced diet, and an abundance of chew toys can help keep your dog’s mouth healthy. Losing a tooth can result from dental decay.

Do not use any toothpaste other than dog toothpaste. Dogs cannot spit, and human toothpaste includes dangerous components that, if ingested, might make them sick. I use a kid’s toothbrush because it’s gentler on my dog’s gums, but the rubber finger brush works well for many folks. Dental sprays and specially formulated chew treats can be helpful if you still have trouble brushing your dog’s teeth.

4. Clean their ears

Clean their ears

All dogs require at least monthly ear cleaning. But more frequent ear cleaning is necessary if your dog has longer or heavier ears that hang over the ear canal. An infection in the ears can result from a buildup of bacteria or wax. There are numerous “recipes” for doggie ear cleaning available online. Suppose you don’t have any at home, with components typically on hand, such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, etc. Clean the outer area first, then gradually move inside by dampening a cotton ball with your cleaning solution. Use cotton swabs to gently clean the ear folds on the outer ear flaps, but it is not advisable to use them deep inside the ear canal.

If your dog swims frequently, it is best to wipe and dry their ears after each swim.

5. Give them a bath to keep them smelling great

Give them a bath to keep them smelling great

Whether or not to bathe your dog depends on the coat type and how outgoing she is. While it is OK to bathe your dog at least once every two to three months if your dog spends a lot of time outside or has skin issues, you might want to consider bathing them more frequently.

Regular shampooing will help you keep allergies under control. Spores, filth, dust, and dander are all eliminated. Please make sure you use a shampoo that is strong enough to get rid of dandruff and bacteria but gentle enough not to irritate your dog.

We advise using shampoos and conditioners with natural components like hibiscus, which keeps the coat lustrous and healthy, and neem, which soothes itchiness, redness, and irritation. These can protect your dog’s skin from bacterial and fungal illnesses and maintain their coats healthy and glossy.

6. Frequently massage your dog

Frequently massage your dog

Your pet’s emotional and physical health can benefit from what you might think of as a luxurious spa service. Massage therapy may improve circulation, lessen pain, lessen tension and anxiety, and deepen the link between you and your dog. Use natural oils to gently massage your pet since it improves body functioning, encourages blood circulation, and reduces stress in your dog by soothing him. Additionally, it hastens the healing of sprains and strains.

7. Start a routine

Start a routine

Even though there are some things you can and ought to do to groom your dog yourself, it’s still a good idea to take your dog to the groomer frequently. Your dog’s rate of fur growth will determine how often you visit the spa. As you groom your dog, remember that the groomer should wash, trim, and groom your dog. Our grooming sessions at The Barking Lot will consider your dog’s particular needs. We provide speciality treatments, basic beautifying, express grooming, and more! Getting your dog into a regimen with the same groomer and the same intervals between visits is the best thing you can do for them.

Some people may think taking time to groom your dog is “fancy” or “extra”, but in reality, it is essential to keeping up your dog’s health. For your dog to be well taken care of, his fur, nails and teeth must be cared for. Regular grooming upkeep is a part of having a furbaby. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to make grooming your pup a part of your routine.

We at The Barking Lot understand that all our guests have their distinct flair. Our in-house barber shop’s professional groomers have the skills to identify that exclusive style so you can genuinely Pamper Yourself. We offer a full suite of services for you to pick from.

If you can’t make it to The Barking Lot? We have you covered. With sterilized equipment and skilled groomers packed into a wagon, we will come to you at your convenience. And have your doggy and cat looking and feeling their best in no time. Please reach out to us to set up your next appointment.