Top 7 Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog

Top 7 Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog

Sep 28, 2022

Top 7 Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog
Top 7 Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog

Every dog owner wants a healthy and fun relationship with their four-legged friend. If you’ve adopted a new dog or are just now adding a member to your pack, here’s some advice to ensure they always remain happy, healthy, well-behaved animals.

Irrespective of the breed of dog, the best way to keep your man’s best friend mentally and physically sharp is to teach him tricks. All dog owners should ensure their animals have a strong repertoire of tricks they can pull off, not only for show but also for the dog’s benefit. Here is why you should teach your domestic animal some tricks.

Teaching your dog fun tricks can:

  1. Strengthen your relationship with your pet

  2. Teach your dog patience

  3. Help use your dog’s pent-up energy


One of the simplest tricks your dog may learn is “sit,” which also forms the foundation for numerous other basic skills like “shake” and “stay.”

Repeat and praise until your dog understands the sit command while holding a treat over its head to encourage them to sit down naturally.


Developing your dog’s impulse control while keeping them safe and quiet can be accomplished by teaching them the “remain” command—this tactic aids in building trust between a pet owner and their animal companion.

Short training sessions, a firm voice cue, and positive reward can help you teach your dog the command so they will know when to stay put.


Make your friends shake hands with your dog’s paws. You can usually teach a dog to perform this simple dog trick in a few quick training sessions. The positive attention dogs naturally love receiving when performing tricks will make them want to use their paws more often.

Roll over

Most owners begin teaching their dogs to roll over in little steps and do it thoroughly. Training a dog to perform this trick may need some work, but it will be well worth it. It’s a lot of fun and maybe a foundation for many other dog tricks, like playing dead.


This is one of the more difficult tricks and may be executable for more experienced dogs. It also requires tremendous patience.

It’s entertaining and helpful to address a typical behaviour issue by teaching a dog to speak. Dog trainers frequently suggest “talk” and “quiet” commands to halt excessive barking.

 If you can master it, barking on command is a unique trick that will impress your fellow dog parents.


Use a reward to entice your dog in a circle, and while spinning or twirling your hand, say “spin” or “twirl” to your dog. As soon as your dog finishes a spin, please give them a treat. You can make this trick more challenging by using various commands to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Your friends will be amazed by this trick.

Play dead

Your pals will be floored when you hold up your finger like a gun, yell “bang,” and your dog collapses to the ground to play dead. Even though it appears complicated, teaching a dog to pretend to be dead is not as difficult as you might imagine, primarily if you have already taught it to roll over.

If your dog already knows the trick “Roll Over”, it will be much easier for them to learn this trick.

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