Top 6 Apartment-Friendly Dogs

Top 6 Apartment-Friendly Dogs

Sep 3, 2022

Top 6 Apartment-Friendly Dogs
Top 6 Apartment-Friendly Dogs

Dogs are fantastic, but if your apartment isn’t well-suited for a dog, you might have to rethink bringing one home. After all, you want your dog to be comfortable and be able to adapt quickly to its new home. 

As a dog owner, you love your dog just as much as the owners of large dogs. But when you have an apartment, it can feel like your dog is much smaller than hers. You might be unsure whether you want a Boston terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Pitbull or French Bulldog. You should, however, consider the small spaces in your apartment. Dogs can be neurotic, so choosing the right breed is essential when living in an apartment. 

What distinguishes these pups from other canines that live in apartments, then? For starters, most of them are tiny. In addition, many are noted for being quiet, polite, and laid back. Something your neighbours will thank you for when they see you in the elevator or lobby or hear you through the walls. 

The most crucial decision you must make when picking a dog is which breed is best for you and your way of life. Some common characteristics of these types of dogs include being easy to train and easy to walk. The American Kennel Club claims that these adorable breeds best adapt to urban style. Check out our list of small-sized breeds for a more extensive selection of dogs that would enjoy living in apartments.


One of our favourite small dog breeds is this snorting, wrinkled-faced little fellow with a cinnamon-roll tail. If you don’t overfeed him and turn him into a big fatty, he’ll grow to reach around 18 pounds, follow you around the home, and want to sleep on your bed.

 The pug is not the right dog for you if you cannot tolerate snoring. He will wheeze more loudly than your drunk grandpa, who is dozing off in front of the television. His beauty is also distinctive. But how can you not feel affection when you look into his cartoon-like eyes? Pugs are unfortunately prone to eye damage because of their bug eyes. However, they are affectionate, and laid-back and get along well with cats and other dogs.

Everybody in the area will like your pug’s adorable wiggle as he strolls about town if you take him for daily walks. 

Just be mindful not to push him too hard. Pugs can experience respiratory problems because of their brachiocephalic (fancy word for flat-nosed) faces, especially in warm weather.

So keep an eye out for overheating symptoms in your pug while outside. Remember that your pug needs facial wrinkles cleaned daily. A small price to pay considering how well they fit around kids

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise, one of the world’s friendliest and cutest dog breeds, is a happy-go-lucky people-pleaser and unquestionably one of the best apartment dogs and a wonderful companion dog. 

They make excellent agility competition dogs but are also content to lounge peacefully on the couch for extended periods. And since they weigh only about 15 pounds, your downstairs neighbours won’t be alarmed!

If you currently own pets, your Bichon Frise will get along well. Due to his high energy level, take him on park walks and engage him in interior games.

Since the Bichon’s coat hardly ever sheds, it is a beautiful breed for those who suffer from allergies. To prevent mat formation, Bichons do require daily brushing. Additionally, your dog needs a monthly bath to maintain a white coat.


The lovely Chihuahua is the star of commercials and Hollywood films for a reason—she has that “it” factor! This tiny infant weighs between 2 and 6 pounds so she will fit in your Fendi purse without a problem. 

They seldom need any daily exercise they can’t provide right there on your couch because of their small size. Although these tiny dogs are excellent for living in small apartments, they can be yippy if not trained to stop alert barking.

The grooming level required is low. You only need to brush once a week.


There is a purpose for the high number of Poodle breed dogs! The poodle is one of the most well-mannered and quite sound breeds you can possess. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, so those with allergies won’t need to worry! Because they are the second most intelligent dog breed, poodles are exceptionally skilled and quick learners. 

Despite being slender and slightly larger in stature, they typically stay under the weight restrictions for most apartments. They tend to get along well with other dogs and people, are relatively quiet and don’t have a lot of energy. Poodles embody every apartment-friendly personality attribute in one adorable canine!

Poodles have a lot of energy, but it doesn’t mean they must constantly be rushing around vast areas. Playing games and training in your flat to sharpen their minds works just as well!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Owners of cavaliers will tell you that their beautiful little animals are the ideal family pets. Additionally, Cavaliers are the perfect apartment dog. These little dogs are quiet, amiable, and small enough to fit into even the cosiest studios quickly. They are also brilliant and fiercely devoted.

Cavaliers enjoy a good game of chase; therefore, cats should be ready to play tag.

The grooming level required is medium-high. Brush their coat 3-4 times a week and bathe the dog when necessary.

English Bulldog

There’s a good reason why so many colleges and sports teams have selected the English Bulldog as their mascot. The most laid-back canine, this 40–50 pound male is ideal for cuddling with. Watch out for the numerous respiratory issues they are prone to.

When the time comes to take him to the vet, you’ll need to be able to lift this lard, so you better start working out at the gym! Just like your useless ex-husband, your Bulldog will sleep until it’s time to eat again, so don’t anticipate much action from him. 

Your Bulldog won’t be playing fetch at the family barbecue despite his affinity for kids. He’ll be waiting for his hamburger patty next to you.

The English Bulldog does not require a lot of grooming. Once a week, he brushes his coat, and every day, he uses a damp cloth to smooth out the wrinkles on his face. He sheds on average. Therefore, brushing him more frequently than once a week will result in less hair.

Shih Tzu

Originally bred to live inside Chinese palaces, Shih Tzus will happily settle for your more modest digs. Parents, take note: These affectionate little guys are exceptionally great with kids and other dogs.

Shih Tzus are the most incredible dog breeds for apartments because of their size, temperament, flexibility, and sociability. This little dog breed will always join you on the couch for cuddles, whether you live in the city or the suburbs. Do not worry if you have both children and animals. This breed is gregarious and enjoys mingling with both friends and strangers.

Remember, when getting a dog for an apartment, you’ll have to take it for walks several times throughout the day. That will mean you have to have time where you can commit to walking your loyal companion. If you work from home, this shouldn’t present a problem, but if you work outside of the house, it might. 

Do your homework on the dog breeds and pick wisely. But whatever dog you choose, ensure you are prepared with water, food, treats and toys (for days when they don’t walk). You’re responsible for looking after this life as well as your own!

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