Top 10 Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Cats

Top 10 Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Cats

Sep 29, 2022

One of the greatest pleasures of owning a cat is playing with it. You can perform numerous enjoyable activities with your cat and interesting new cat trends to follow. But what if your pet gets tired of playing with jingly balls and catnip mice?

Playing together benefits both of you, but bored cats may start acting up and getting into mischief. All animals, including pets, have natural wants and behaviours, and they must have the chance to express those natural behaviours in the proper context to be healthy and happy. Trying out different forms of play is a terrific way to keep your cat’s mind active and relieve boredom.

Here are ten entertaining pastimes for you and your furry family member-

Mechanical Toys

Utilizing wind-up or battery-operated toys, particularly those that resemble little rodents, is an additional hunting strategy. Your cat is drawn to these toys because of their surprising movements as they zigzag over the floor (hard surfaces work best). The activity keeps her away from your feet while honing her stalking and pouncing abilities. Your cat will find the toy even more fascinating if you place obstructions in its path to intensify its irregular movement.

Walking your cat

Walking on a leash is not just for dogs. If you keep your feline companion inside daily, you could think about occasionally taking them for walks. When you walk your cat on a leash, you have complete control over where and when they go, allowing you to oversee them properly and keep them safe. Teaching your cat to walk on a leash may take some time. To get used to it, starting when they are young is advisable. If they are anxious, don’t make them walk on a leash.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a good game to play with your cat to strengthen your relationship. It’s a great game to play indoors because you can hide behind a couch, a desk, or a bed. Your cat should playfully stalk you as though you were their prey to do. Some cats even take pleasure in hiding, so they tuck themselves away while you’re looking for them. This is useful for relating enthusiasm and cerebral stimulation to playing games.

Birdwatching station

Since your cat would never truly catch a bird, you can foster this behaviour in many indoor cats who enjoy watching birds through the window. You can set up a birding station if your cat enjoys observing birds as they fly by. Install a few bird feeders close to a window in your yard. You can purchase window-mounted feeders if you live in an apartment. Your cat will soon be able to take in even more bird watching once you fill these with bird seed! You may even buy a cat hammock that hangs from your window, giving your cat a front-row seat all the time.


Indoor cats still have intrinsic hunting instincts, which is why a cat that appears asleep could suddenly jump on your foot or run for a dust mite. Playing hide-and-seek with a plush animal is one way she can release her inner predator. Make the plush animal “peak” around a corner while hiding behind a wall or piece of furniture, then move it around a bit. You may even throw it across the room to make it appear running. She’ll enjoy running after it. Use a larger stuffed animal than she usually uses for cat toys to intensify this exercise and give her the added thrill of taking down a sizable prey item.

Catnip Toys

Catnip naturally attracts cats. Catnip toys are, therefore, always a good idea. Cats of all stripes will enjoy the diversity of shapes and 100% pure catnip filling that Wild Instincts toys provide, including butterflies, moths, and dragonflies. Introduce Mad Cat toys to your kitties if you want to enhance your catnip game. These entertaining plush cat toys are stuffed with a potent mixture of premium catnip and silvervine. This all-natural, non-toxic catnip substitute works for many cats typically unaffected by catnip. Watch your cat go crazy by giving it Mad Cat!

Cardboard boxes

Keep the packaging that all of those brand-new toys came in! Cats adore playing with boxes just as much as the toys that come inside them if not more. Place empty cardboard boxes all about the home, fill them with food, or add some catnip to the bottom and watch as your cat explores its new hiding places.

Strings and Feathers

Cats love interactive toys with moving feathers, like the Categories Flutter Flyer and Glow Tail Wand. They imitate a bird’s movements, allowing your cat to “hunt.” Your cat must leap into the air during this mentally challenging game to attempt to grab the flying object with its paws. Choose a safe, open space in your home to prevent your cat from flying into any furniture and hurting itself.

Teach them a trick

Cat training is a great way to bond with your cat since most cats like it when done correctly, with patience and rewards. To begin, issue the command “sit.” Let your pet take a good sniff as you hold a goodie in one hand. Then, while telling the dog to “sit,” clench the reward into a fist and raise your hand to your chest. Continue doing this until your cat has gotten the hang of it, and don’t forget to praise them.

Buy a Climbing Toy

Cats enjoy scaling tall objects to stretch their muscles and sleeping there. Your cat will undoubtedly like the opportunity to use a cat tree if they don’t already have one. Even better, you can create your own from the assortment of online plans we’ve gathered here.

Trying out new, enjoyable activities with your cat promotes your pet’s physical and mental health. Kitty cuddling time will never be the same if you use your imagination.