Things To Consider In Choosing The Best Daycare For Your Dogs

Things To Consider In Choosing The Best Daycare For Your Dogs

Oct 7, 2022

Things To Consider In Choosing The Best Daycare For Your Dogs
Things To Consider In Choosing The Best Daycare For Your Dogs

Dogs are more than simply pets to us; they are family members. As parents or guardians, we must guarantee they are comfortable, secure, and happy in their environment, especially if we are not with them.

For many dog owners, dog daycare provides a safe space to play throughout the day, including psychological stimulation and companionship that dogs would not get at home. Dogs with high energy need a lot of physical activity and attention to stay healthy and behave well. And, if you work full-time, you may be unable to devote enough time to take care of them. But if you enroll them in a trusted daycare facility, you’ll have peace of mind knowing their needs are being fulfilled while hustling at work.

Choosing a trustworthy doggie daycare facility is essential, especially if your pup will spend a significant amount of time there. We’ve prepared this helpful checklist for you to refer to when looking for doggy daycares in your community to guarantee your dog is well-taken care of and receives the best care they deserve.

Ask for a Tour Around the Facility Premises

When considering local dog daycare centers, the first step is you must request a tour of the facility. You can discover how the facility operates simply by visiting it during open hours. Call or drop an email to the care facility to arrange a tour of their premises. It will allow you to check it out and get an idea of what your dog’s day will be. It will also enable you to ask more specific questions, such as:

Is the facility clean?

  • Do you notice any unsupervised pet accidents or unpleasant smells?

  • Is the facility air-conditioned?

  • Do the dogs appear to be comfortable and well-cared?

  • Is there an adequate staffing ratio with the number of dogs?

Ensure they are Well-Staffed and there is Adequate Supervision

Ask for the staff-to-dog ratio to ensure that your dog is appropriately cared for and receives the attention he needs. Be informed that certain states have mandated dog-to-human ratios for dog daycares, so check with the management about possible state regulations. Some pet hotels or daycare facilities propose a ratio of 15 dogs per staff member as a safe standard. Appropriate changes are also made based on dog groups. A ratio of one crew to ten dogs is preferred for more active breeds, while 20 dogs per worker are generally appropriate for less active types.

Safety Arrangements and Temperament Testing

When selecting a daycare, assess your dog’s age and activity level. Different dogs have varying preferences, and it’s critical to choose a facility that is appropriate for them. Small and big dogs should be separated, and new dogs should be introduced to the groups gently to determine their appropriateness for daycare. If your dog is an older pet, look for a facility that divides its guests into groups based on age or behavior. If your dog works well in smaller groups, inquire about the facility’s policy on how many puppies are kept with each group. If your dog has a lot of physical activity, you should find out how much exercise he will get and how often they will take naps.

Experienced with Different Breeds of Dogs

It is critical to assess the facility and the daycare employees who work there. You want to ensure that your dog is cared for by someone with a lot of expertise and understanding. The simplest way to determine this is to check whether or not they have been qualified in any animal-related job, such as dog grooming or veterinary aid. A professional management team is essential for identifying indicators of distress in dogs, such as separation anxiety and possible conflict areas in these highly sociable animals. However, it is not only about accreditations but also about expertise and experience. How long has the entire staff been working with animals? Which breeds have they handled? What is their unique experience with dog daycare? All these are essential things to ask when looking for the best doggy daycare facility.

Complements your Dog’s Personality and your Lifestyle

In looking for dog daycare, you want the best option for your dogs. But don’t forget to inquire about whether your objectives will be satisfied as well. Is the facility open on weekends? Do they accept drop-ins, or do they require reservations? Is the location convenient for your home or office? Lastly, when considering whether doggie daycare is best for your dog, you have to assess their personality. Dogs who are shy, nervous, or reactive are unlikely to be good candidates for dog daycare. While dog daycare can be a delightful experience for social dogs, it can be unpleasant for more reserved pets.

Daycare that offers Pet Hotel Boarding & Dog Training

Ask the facility about boarding services so your dog can adapt to the environment more quickly once comfortable. It is also preferable to choose a facility that provides dog training. You’ll be relieved that you have a one-stop shop for all of your dogs’ necessities. Using training services will help your dog adapt to daycare and boarding while making life easier for you at home.

It may seem like a lot of information to extract, but it is crucial to ensure that your doggy is secure and receiving the best care while at daycare. Understand that openness is essential, and the most important thing is that you are personally happy with the regulations and procedures of your dog’s daycare. Daycare becomes a home away from home for many puppies, and dog owners can relax knowing that their pup is safe and in trusted hands.