Safety and Security Measures To Assess When Choosing Dog Hotels

Safety and Security Measures To Assess When Choosing Dog Hotels

Jan 12, 2022

Safety and Security Measures To Assess When Choosing Dog Hotels
Safety and Security Measures To Assess When Choosing Dog Hotels

Are you contemplating going on a vacation but find yourself concerned about leaving your loving pet behind? This is a common dilemma for many pet owners. Fortunately, unlike before, many options are now available for entrusting your pet to capable hands.

The most exceptional choice among them is to consider a dog hotel. Why, you may wonder? The primary reason is that there are experienced and professional pet groomers, well-versed in handling various types of pets of diverse breeds.

However, that is not all. Their remarkable facilities offer exciting activities, relevant exercises, and quality food to ensure your pet remains safe, happy, and well-nourished until your return.

What Is A Dog Hotel?

A dog hotel is a facility specially designed to accommodate dogs during their owners’ short or extended vacations. These establishments offer a range of services to ensure their special guests enjoy the best possible experience.

Here are some of our popular hotel offerings at The Barking Lot:

Bachelor(ette) Pad: Perfectly suited for our smallest guests, these 15 sqft suites provide ample space.

  • Townhouse: These suites also offer the option of a balcony, providing a touch of home.

  • Villa: Our villas boast 32 sqft of private indoor/outdoor living spaces for unparalleled luxury.

  • Mansion: These expansive accommodations cover 47 sqft of luxury and even come equipped with a TV and a camera for you to check in on your beloved companion.

How To Choose The Right Dog Hotel?

Safety and security should be paramount when selecting the right dog hotel. It goes beyond merely seeking a top-rated dog hotel with a cool dog play zone. While a play zone is essential for keeping your dog happy, there are other critical factors to consider, such as proper care and attention.

To ensure the hotel is safe for your dog, here are some key points to check:

Read online reviews: Do not underestimate the importance of online reviews. They play a significant role in choosing the right dog hotel. For instance, a simple search query like “Dogs Hotel Dubai” will yield a list of options if you are looking for a dog hotel in Dubai. However, the best choice can be discerned based on reviews provided by past clients.

  • Staff qualifications: The qualifications of the staff are crucial since they will be responsible for caring for your pet while you’re away. Ensure that the hotel employs professionally-trained staff with hands-on experience in handling dogs full-time.

  • Facility maintenance: While the pet hotel need not be extravagant, it should be well-maintained. A visit to the premises will give you a sense of its upkeep, allowing you to decide whether it meets your expected standards.

  • Emergency preparation: Emergencies, health issues, or break-ins can happen, so it’s vital to assess the staff’s preparedness. Also, they should be ready to take charge in case of health emergencies.

  • Adherence to industry standards: If a dog hotel holds relevant certifications, it indicates compliance with industry standards. You can also check for awards. For example, we, The Barking Lot, was voted the Favourite Doggy Daycare at the Animalia Awards.


That said, you should be really careful when selecting a dog hotel for your dog while you’re away. By thoroughly evaluating safety and security measures, you can find a reliable stay for your beloved pet, affording you peace of mind during your vacation.