Reasons Why Cat Boarding Is Better If You Have Cats?

Reasons Why Cat Boarding Is Better If You Have Cats?

Nov 21, 2022

Reasons Why Cat Boarding Is Better If You Have Cats?
Reasons Why Cat Boarding Is Better If You Have Cats?

When a cat’s family suddenly departs, life can become pretty unsettling. Cats are creatures of habit, so keeping their surroundings as familiar as possible is the best way to have happy cats while you are away and hopefully offer them a little holiday!

Everything is dependent on the individuals who will care for your cat, whether you choose a boarding facility or a pet sitter. Before giving your dearest feline buddy to someone you don’t know, always ask for suggestions.

A reputable cat care company is managed by professionals with years of experience in cat behavior and is dedicated to your cats’ emotional and physical requirements. Allow yourself enough time to discover the appropriate people so you are not rushed into selecting someone who may traumatize your kitties.

What is a Cattery?

A cat boarding facility, also known as a cattery, is where you can leave your cat while you are away. Catteries generally consist of separate rooms or enclosures for cats, including a communal space. In addition to catteries, there are boarding facilities known as pet hotels. These are fancier and more expensive cat boarding establishments that house fewer cats and have more space and attention than other facilities.

A pet-friendly hotel provides many benefits for you and your cats, such as safe transfer and live-streaming webcams that allow you to keep an eye on your cats while you are away. They are also dedicated to reducing stress by keeping your cats on the same eating plan or treatments and providing familiar bedding and toys – so the new place smells a little like home.

Why is Boarding Better for your Cats?

While it may appear that cats are better off in their home while you are away, they are more likely to benefit from boarding at a cattery. Cats receive help from a controlled environment where they can be monitored because they are self-reliant and easily scared into hiding. Here are other benefits of why boarding is better for your cats:

  • Improved medical and feeding care – Consider boarding your cat if it is elderly or has a medical condition that necessitates medication. They will benefit from having a competent staff to regulate treatments, supervise their well-being, and consistently manage their stay. Your cat will be fed on a regular basis and monitored to ensure that they are eating. They’ll always have someone to console them and clean their litter box on a regular basis.

  • It is safer to board your cat – Because boarded cats are not in their own home, they will not perceive an invasion of their territory. They will not be able to flee, and they will benefit from the proper monitoring of the boarding staff. Boarding can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for some cats. They will not be left isolated and at risk of excessive eating due to boredom. They won’t have to deal with unfamiliarity in their personal space, either. If they want it, they can have constant affection and attention.

  • It is possible to separate multiple cats – Multiple cat boarding can be more effective because you can opt to board them separately (but close together) if they do not become stressed during their stay. When your cats are boarded, they receive individual attention and constant supervision, so you won’t have to worry about their safety.

  • Your cat will have more amusement – When you board your cats while you’re away, your cat will have more fun. Instead of being left alone at home with no social interaction, a boarding facility has a dedicated team that plays with the cats — giving them all the best toys and treats!

Why Boarding Cats is Better Than a Having a Cat Sitter?

Cat sitters might not be able to provide your cat with the constant attention and safety that a professional boarding facility can. When cats are boarded, their needs and safety are prioritized throughout their stay.

At most pet-friendly hotels, the staff understands that every cat is unique. Some cats may prefer a lot of attention, while others prefer to be left alone to enjoy the sun. They will guarantee that the staff ensures every cat has an amazing stay and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet every cat’s needs.

Also, cat boarding facilities are designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, and your cat is free to run, jump, and play as much as they want. They prioritize your cat’s health, safety, and happiness, so you don’t have to worry about them while you’re away.