How To Prepare Your Dog To Get Used To Grooming?

How To Prepare Your Dog To Get Used To Grooming?

Dec 7, 2022

How To Prepare Your Dog To Get Used To Grooming?
How To Prepare Your Dog To Get Used To Grooming?

When it comes to dog grooming, there are multiple benefits. It not only improves their appearance but also keeps them healthy and clean. That is why it is critical for every new dog owner to get their fur baby trimmed on a regular basis. Depending on your dog’s lifestyle and fur length, grooming should be done every 6 to 8 weeks.

But remember that not all dogs love having their coats trimmed. When canines are exposed to a new activity, they often become uneasy and agitated.

It is essential that your dog see grooming as a pleasant and enjoyable experience. If your dog is anxious or stressed at the grooming facility, it might start a negative cycle. The more agitated your dog is, the more challenging grooming becomes for them, worsening their anxiety and fear.

There is no reason your dog cannot learn to like grooming, and we have included our best recommendations for preparing your dog to get used to grooming.

Begin grooming your dog as soon as possible

The easiest method to get your dog used to be groomed is to introduce them to it as soon as possible. Ideally, you should be ready to begin basic grooming activities when your puppy is 12 weeks old. It could be as simple as brushing their tail or bathing their feet. Remember that a puppy has a lot of energy and won’t be able to stay still for 1-2 hours throughout a wash, rinse, brush, and trim.

Grooming will also need the handling of sensitive parts. As a result, get your dog acquainted with handling before taking it to the grooming table. You can manage this by softly stroking various portions of their body. Experiment with exercises like combining phrases like “ears” or “paws” with a soft touch to the area.

Early grooming visits

Dogs can be scared of unfamiliar environments, especially a grooming place with all the different sights, sounds, and scents. Regular visits will ensure that your pet feels comfortable with the area, contributing to a great experience.

Make use of the proper grooming tools

It is essential to use the proper equipment to ensure that the grooming process runs properly. The easier it is on your dog and the pet groomer, the better. The appropriate grooming tools will also protect your dog from any harm.

If you bathe at home, ensure you use only dog shampoo and not human shampoo. It is because humans and dogs have different pH levels and will react differently to the chemicals in either shampoo. Using human shampoo on your dog’s fur may make them more prone to allergies and infections.

Another piece of advice: avoid brushing too much in one area for too long. Brushing can be harsh on its skin and cause pain if they are not used to it. So proceed slowly and carefully.

If you’re taking your dog to professional dog groomers, ensure they have the proper tools. Similarly, if you intend to groom your pet yourself, invest in the best equipment available. Consult your veterinarian or a local pet store for suggestions.

Adopt positive reinforcement practice

You must equate grooming with something pleasurable. In other words, make it enjoyable and reward them whenever they exhibit good behavior. The end result of a decent dog groom is that your dog responds favorably and is not afraid. Some effective techniques to assist your pup enjoy the process include rewarding them with their favorite snacks or allowing them to play with their favorite toys.

Consider asking for professional assistance

If you have difficulty training and preparing your dog to be groomed, you can bring them to the dog’s daycare to be supervised by a professional. They have expertise in dealing with several dog breeds.