Pet Resolutions You and Your Dog Should Follow In The New Year

Pet Resolutions You and Your Dog Should Follow In The New Year

Jan 28, 2023

Pet Resolutions You and Your Dog Should Follow In The New Year
Pet Resolutions You and Your Dog Should Follow In The New Year

Most pet parents and animal lovers would agree that among the few glimmers of hope in 2022 was their pets’ company and affection. So, as we move forward to the new year and as we’re all making New Year’s resolutions, it’s also crucial to include the health and wellness of our furry babies.

But don’t worry; changing your pet’s lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. Even making simple adjustments to your pet’s life as early as now can pay off eventually, as these positive habits compound up over time. So to help you start the New Year on the right paw, here are some pet resolutions you and your dog should follow.

Introduce Fun Activities in The New Year

The pandemic revealed how stressful to remain at home daily. Humans, like our dogs, despise boredom. So for you to minimize boredom, ensure you introduce fun activities this year. For example, you can have toys and brain games to play with since intellectual training is essential. You can stash treats or kibble in your dog’s play zone or use a jigsaw plate to make mealtime fun. You can also train your pet a new trick to keep their mind sharp and tightens your bond together.

Improve the Look of Your Pet’s Space

Add a few pet-friendly embellishments to their space to show your furry buddy how much you cherish them. Dogs might appreciate a plush new bed and some soothing music. And for your pet to unwind more, you can incorporate stress-relieving diffusers and sprays to help them relax.

Be More Active and Do Daily Exercise Together

Daily exercise is essential for keeping pets happy and healthy, and you can also benefit from being active every day. Aside from strolling your dog, you may also play catch indoors, jog around your village, or train them to walk on a treadmill. These daily exercises can be your bonding time together that your pet babies will surely appreciate.

Introduce Them To A New Hobby They May Like

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do with your pet? It is an excellent opportunity to learn something new with your furry pals. Consider becoming an animal-assisted rehabilitation squad if your pet enjoys company and wants to help others. Dogs with tremendous energy might love canine acrobatics or dock diving. If you have a pet who enjoys working and training, look into specialized training classes, and you might be able to train your pet well enough to compete in behavior contests. Some animals can even be trained to help with search and rescue operations.

Stick To Regular Check-ups and Grooming Visits

Don’t only take your pets to the vet when they are not feeling well. Instead, you can schedule two health checkups every year. Aside from keeping up with immunizations, frequent vet appointments help detect health issues early, when they are often easier to address. Also, aside from visits to the vet, you can consider having regular dog grooming visits to keep your pup fresh looking.

Consider A Pet Savings Account

Pet supplies and treatments can be costly, but our furry buddies are definitely worth the cost! So to offset the cost of pet care, consider creating pet savings account this year. These funds can help pay for emergency care and medical services. Furthermore, the funds will be useful in defraying the costs of your pet’s veterinarian care, prescription medications treat, toys, and other necessities. If you have extra pet funds at the end of the year, you can use them to get your pet a special treat.