How To Teach a Dog to Walk on a Leash in 7 Simple Steps

How To Teach a Dog to Walk on a Leash in 7 Simple Steps

Sep 29, 2022

How To Teach a Dog to Walk on a Leash in 7 Simple Steps
How To Teach a Dog to Walk on a Leash in 7 Simple Steps

Whether you recently adopted a puppy or discovered your ideal canine partner at the neighbourhood shelter, every dog-owner relationship requires significant time and work devoted to instilling valuable life lessons and abilities. 

The capacity to understand human language and the manners necessary to walk politely on a leash are not traits that our dogs are born with.

Every dog should be able to walk on a leash. They can go with you, their favourite person; it keeps them safe and lets them go on adventures.

Whether you prefer the calm rural life or the metropolis, you should always walk your dog on a leash. It takes time to train them to walk with you, but with persistence and encouragement, you and your dog will soon be taking daily walks together.

Why is dog leash training essential?

  1. Constantly pulling on your dog’s leash can be harmful to their health. Your pup’s neck can hurt, and their joints might get stressed out.

  2. The tension in a leash is essential because it helps communicate with your dog.

  3. Finally, dog leash training is necessary because we love our dogs and don’t want them to come into harm’s way.

Remember that teaching a dog or puppy to use a leash requires patience, time, and much praise. Therefore, try to be composed and patient with your dog at all times. You will quickly become an expert at walking on the leash if you follow the advice provided below and put constant effort forth.

Pick the Right Dog Collar and Leash

A good leash and the appropriate collar are the first things you need to immediately start your dog’s leash training. Getting your puppy or dog the proper collar and leash would be best. However, pet owners frequently ignore it.

A light leash and a flat collar work well together. You’re not required to start fancy.

It would help if you also gave concern for the dog’s comfort. Later, you can switch to a more sophisticated version. But if you’re starting, choose one that looks straightforward, and the dog would find it comfy.

Start at the Right Age

When should a puppy begin training on a leash? Age does matter a lot when instructing students. Puppies pick things very quickly compared to when a dog is an adults. Starting early will make leash training much more uncomplicated. Experts concur that two months old is the ideal age to begin training.

Introduce them to the collar

Ensure your dog is accustomed to wearing a collar, as it is a crucial part of leash training. Given that wearing a collar is an uncomfortable experience, it makes sense that your dogs would be terrified of one. When putting the collar on your dog, it is preferable to do so while they are distracted.

Keeping the collar on your dog’s neck is preferable only briefly. But don’t forget to use constructive criticism. Give treats to your dog repeatedly. Practice makes perfect. Continue to practise until your puppy feels comfortable wearing the collar.

Make sure the collar is not too tight, as a side remark.

Build a positive association

Your dog needs to be at ease and appreciate wearing walking gear before you take him on an outdoor outing. This includes his collar, leash, and possibly a body harness. Ensure you are in a peaceful, unobtrusive section of your house, such as the living room.

Start moving by backing up.

The backward steps are a terrific method to start moving without encouraging your dog to tug, despite what might seem paradoxical. Please take a few steps backwards while your dog is wearing his collar and leash, marking, reinforcing, and rewarding him as he follows.

 Increase the number of steps you take backwards gradually. Start by taking two or three steps, then turn and take another two or three steps forward. If it sticks by your side, mark and support him.

Practice With “Come”

It’s a fantastic idea to teach your dog to “come” while still on the leash to help avoid future problems with tugging or rushing. Additionally, it provides an excellent opportunity to train your dog to come when called without worrying about him bolting.

Toss a treat a short distance from you while your dog is attached to a leash and wearing a collar. Say “come” and rapidly mark and reinforce the instant he turns around to face you after finishing the treat. Repeat this until it resembles a game where the dog throws a treat and then circles around to ask for another.

Gradually Increase Distance

Move out of your house and into the neighbourhood gradually. Start by only walking in one or two places, and slowly increase the distance as your dog gets better. As your dog masters this set of skills, praise and mark his progress consistently.

 It takes practice to become proficient at coordinating the delivery of the mark and treat while moving, but after a few days of training, you will be an expert. Keep going, and be optimistic!

Every day, dogs must acquire new talents to make their lives easier. Each quality has a purpose and setting. Neither of you would favour a problematic, challenging existence. One such thing is leash training. You can begin leash training your dog immediately by using the procedures mentioned above and advice.

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