Ways To Help Your Pup Ease Firework Anxiety During The Holidays

Ways To Help Your Pup Ease Firework Anxiety During The Holidays

Dec 28, 2022

How To Help Your Pup Ease Firework Anxiety?
How To Help Your Pup Ease Firework Anxiety?

Fireworks are a terrific way to celebrate holidays, such as Independence Day and New Year’s Eve, but they may be a scary experience for your dogs. It’s essential to be prepared to help protect your furry friend. Although not all dogs are afraid of fireworks, we suggest considering the following methods to make the firework season less traumatic for your dog. We’ll look at strategies to keep your dogs calm during the fireworks season.

  • Make a safe haven in your home. If you are unable to take your dog somewhere away from the fireworks, providing them with a secure base will help. Perhaps your dog already has a safe area, such as a kennel, puppy crib, crate, or even beneath your bed. Make this area accessible during the main event so they can hide if necessary.

  • Remove all visual cues. There is no way to mask the sound of fireworks, but you can help your dog by shutting your windows, blinds, and curtains – so they don’t have to watch the intense flashes of lights.

  • Maintain composure. Dogs are highly sensitive to our feelings, body language, and voice tone. If you make a big deal out of the fireworks by being terrified or frightened about your dog, they will pick up on this and believe they have good reason to be worried as well.

  • Reassure your dog. Communicating with your dog in a soothing voice while patting will help to calm them down. Getting angry or showing annoyance will only make the situation worse.

  • Consider anti-anxiety medications. Consult your veterinarian or a dog trainer about controlling your dog’s anxiety during fireworks. There are methods available to reduce your pup’s tension, including Thundershirts, calming pheromones, vitamins, and medicine.

  • Before the fireworks start, ensure to feed and hydrate your dog. If your dog is nervous about fireworks, it may refuse to eat or drink once the noise begins. Another stressor you can assist your dog to avoid is an empty stomach. Also, allow them to go to the potty outside first.

  • Give your dog a task for the evening. Give your dog a special treat to distract them from the loud noises before the fireworks begin. A bully stick, an ornament, or another form of long-lasting chew will be ideal for keeping their mind preoccupied.

  • Tire your dog out. A tired dog is peaceful, so make sure your dog gets enough exercise before the festivities begin. The idea is for your dog to be as sleepy as possible before the fireworks start. So a walk around the neighborhood might not be enough. Go for a walk or play fetch at the park.

  • Keep your dog chained up and close at hand at all times. They may be accustomed to going to the potty in the backyard without a leash, but fireworks can set them off, prompting them to escape. If you have a fenced yard, check for any weak links, and don’t depend on it to keep your pet safe while it’s stressed.

  • It is best to train them as early as possible. Training them early in their puppy years is an effective approach to avoid noise aversion from developing, and your veterinarian may assist you with this. Some trainers work with pets to help them stay calm during fireworks displays and other occasions with loud noises, like thunderstorms.

  • Make alternate plans for your dog, especially if you intend to go out or live right near a fireworks display. Dropping your dog off at a friend’s or relative’s house, a dog daycare, a pet hotel, or even paying a pet sitter to remain with them are all alternatives. If your dog becomes terrified, they are protected and under control.