Dogs Play Zone In Dubai And How It Helps Dogs Overcome Trauma And Anxiety

Dogs Play Zone In Dubai And How It Helps Dogs Overcome Trauma And Anxiety

Mar 15, 2022

Dogs Play Zone In Dubai And How It Helps Dogs Overcome Trauma And Anxiety
Dogs Play Zone In Dubai And How It Helps Dogs Overcome Trauma And Anxiety

Like humans, dogs experience traumatic experiences that leave them emotionally drained or challenged. However, it’s something pet parents can seek help for. One of the best methods is to engage traumatized dogs in play. It’s a valuable skill that helps dogs to feel better. Not only does it improve their mental health, but it also adds happiness to their lives. Your dogs get a chance to socialize during that time.

One of the best things about dog daycare in Dubai is that dogs get time to play and have fun with other dogs. Even if they are not social, the professionals at the daycare have separate methods to involve such dogs.

Let’s learn more about the healing power of play. Shall we?

It Creates A Safe Space To Express Emotions

The play offers a safe for traumatized dogs to experience their emotions without barriers. When dogs experience anxiety or trauma, they get the urge to stay back or be reserved. This is when the play comes into the picture. Play lets them release pent-up emotions and offers them relief.

It Builds Confidence To Engage With Others

When dogs engage in play, they eventually feel comfortable around caregivers and other dogs. While it doesn’t happen after a session or two, it’ll eventually happen. When they feel confident by engaging in games, they’ll learn to link playtime with good thoughts and experiences, reducing anxiety.

It Serves As A Mental Exercise

Play is not only physically but also emotionally impactful. It works as a mental exercise to help dogs with traumatic experiences. When dogs engage in play, it will stimulate their minds to eliminate boredom, diverting their thoughts into stress-free ones.

Play Facilitates Behavioral Improvement

Play allows dogs to interact with other humans and dogs, which helps in improving their overall behavior by developing social skills. When dogs are down with anxiety, they experience positive emotions during playtime, which can impact their overall behavioral improvement.

Play Strengths Relationship with Caregivers

Whether you’re introducing your pet to a dog spa in Dubai or simply letting them socialise after a traumatic experience- make sure to do it at a slow phase. Chances are your pet prefers to keep to her or hisself.

Initially, you can engage them in play with other dogs and caregivers. This will make them feel comfortable around caregivers, so when you take them to a dog spa, they will not feel insecure or awkward interacting. Bonding and creating a rapport takes some time, but it’s worth it.

Play Regulates Stress Hormones

Engaging your dog in play triggers their brains to release endorphins, called the “feel-good” hormone. These hormones will help your dog feel less stressed and anxious than usual. In other words, playtime is a natural stress reliever, so it regulates stress hormones and promotes emotional balance.


As a dog owner, you should understand the importance of a dog play zone in Dubai for a dog’s life, especially those who have undergone traumatic experiences.

By offering your dog a nurturing environment that promotes play, you can slowly but steadily help your dog overcome traumatic experiences. But remember, it won’t be an easy ride, so be patient.