Daily Routines and Activities in Dog Daycare: What to Expect

Daily Routines and Activities in Dog Daycare: What to Expect

Jul 21, 2023

Daily Routines and Activities in Dog Daycare
Daily Routines and Activities in Dog Daycare

As much as you may wish to spend all your time with your beloved pet, there are instances when you have other responsibilities, such as work or chores, that require you to leave your dog home alone.

However, if leaving them alone is not your preferred choice, dog daycare presents a viable option. Although some new pet parents may be concerned about their pet’s reaction and daily routines at a dog daycare, professional dog groomers will ensure your pet gets a home away from home.

How Does Dog Daycare Work?

Understandably, entrusting the care of your dog to someone other than yourself can be worrisome. Still, dog daycare has become a popular choice among many pet parents in Dubai due to its reliable benefits. While routines and activities may differ from one daycare to another, the general routine remains quite similar.

Checking In, Kibbling, And Playing

The day begins with the dogs’ check-ins, reporting, and drop-offs. The staff then groups the dogs based on compatibility and provides them breakfast. After breakfast, it’s playtime, and this is when the real fun starts. Our staff acknowledges that this time can be challenging and enjoyable as dogs eagerly engage with their furry friends.

We take a slow and careful approach for dogs that may not be comfortable socializing initially, gradually earning their trust. Building trust is crucial as we’ll be caring for them throughout the day. We don’t rush them into playing or socializing until they are ready.

Separating, Napping, And Lunch

Around noon, our staff separates the dogs into different areas for lunch and naptime. By this time, their energy levels have usually dropped after a morning filled with wrestling and running. Most dogs tend to relax during naptime, preventing them from becoming overstimulated or irritable later in the day.

Afternoon Playtime And Picking Up

After lunch and a refreshing nap, your pets will have another play session in the dog’s play zone. However, this session may not be as energetic as the morning one since the dogs may still be basking in the excitement from earlier.

Our dedicated staff will groom and prepare your dog for pick-up when evening approaches. Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by your loving dog, thrilled and overjoyed to see you.

How To Prepare Your Dog For Daycare?

To ensure a smooth experience for your dog at daycare, consider these initial steps:

  • Encourage Socialization: Let your dog socialize with other dogs and humans before attending daycare.

  • Test Temperament: Schedule an appointment to assess your dog’s temperament, as many dog daycares require this for admission approval.

  • Maintain Vaccinations: Keep your dog’s vaccinations up-to-date and ensure they receive their shots on time.

  • Prevent Fleas and Ticks: Follow a proper tick and flea prevention routine to keep your dog healthy and comfortable.

  • Familiar Food: If your dog has specific dietary preferences, provide regular food to ensure they eat comfortably at daycare.

However, if you find your dog tired or thirsty after a daycare session, rest assured that it’s normal. Dog daycares offer incredible playtime opportunities that cater to your pet’s well-being.

From dog daycare to booking a pampering session at the dog spa, there are various options to show your love and care for your pet when you’re away. Remember, understanding and accepting their emotions are crucial because dogs may not always express emotions overtly.