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5 Most-Common Myths About Cat Grooming

Cat grooming Myths

Many cat owners may believe cats don’t need to be bathed because we know how meticulously our beloved felines keep themselves clean and well-groomed. It turns out that this is only one of the many circulating myths about cats and grooming. You can also assume that since your domestic cat spends at least 15% of each day grooming, your cat doesn’t require brushing. In addition to various advantages, brushing your cat offers you and your feline a superb opportunity to bond. So let’s dispel these myths to learn more about what our cherished cats need.

Myth #1: Cats don’t like water

Myth 1 Cats dont like water
5 Most-Common Myths About Cat Grooming 6

Even though this myth has been around for a while, you might have noticed your cat playing with water as it drips or streams out of a faucet. And some cat breeds take pleasure in the odd swim. The Maine Coon, Bengal, and Turkish Van are some of these breeds. Experts think that some cats’ dislike of water has to do with how their fur is made, as it takes a while to dry. It takes a very long time for wet fur to dry, which can be very frustrating. In addition to being heavier than dry fur, wet fur makes cats less agile and sluggish to react, interfering with their innate desire to flee when threatened.

Pro Tip: Use goodies and a soothing voice to reassure your cat while you try to bathe it.

Myth #2: Cats Groom Themselves

Myth 2 Cats Groom Themselves
5 Most-Common Myths About Cat Grooming 7

Cats lick themselves, not groom themselves. They lick their coats with saliva. Although it doesn’t clean their fur, it helps keep them cool in hot weather. It doesn’t stop stink, matting, or dandruff. The dander that causes allergies is produced by the saliva. When cats “groom” themselves, they cover themselves with saliva and an enzyme called Fel-D1. Fel-D1 is the protein that people are allergic to.

Regular bathing and drying reduce this allergen and also allows for the removal of dead fur, reducing the amount of fur your cat sheds. Those who are allergic to cats and could never have one due to the severity of their allergy can now have a cat because all of the dead skin, loose fur, and dander are removed regularly

Myth #3: Hairless Cats Don’t Need Grooming

Myth 3 Hairless Cats Dont Need Grooming.
5 Most-Common Myths About Cat Grooming 8

Cats with short hair often shed more than breeds with long hair. They gain from brushing, washing, and drying as well. Short-haired cats can also develop mats made of that dispersed, thick, oily fur, though not as severely as their long-haired cousins. Cats with short hair shed a lot. A bath, blow-dry, and de-shedding treatment can cut down on shedding by as much as 80%. Regular bathing is necessary for hairless cats to prevent the accumulation of dirt and oil in their skin’s crevices. Expect to spend almost as much time brushing your Sphynx or Peterbald as your friend who has a fluffy, long-haired cat.

 Myth #4: Human Shampoo is Good for Cats

Myth 4 Human Shampoo is Good for Cats
5 Most-Common Myths About Cat Grooming 9

Pet owners often believe that the substances in their shampoo are the same as those in their own. This is untrue because shampoos are made specifically to benefit the species they are meant for. Human shampoos typically contain more acid than ordinary pet shampoos, which can strip a cat’s hair of its naturally occurring oils and irritate the skin. When cats consume human shampoo, their skin can get burnt and infected, necessitating veterinarian attention.

Myth #5: My Cat Only Needs a Bath once a Month

Myth 5 My Cat Only Needs a Bath once a Month.
5 Most-Common Myths About Cat Grooming 10

Animals that have not received enough baths regularly enter cat and dog grooming services. Cats don’t need a lot of baths. This is because their pronged tongue and constant grooming aid them in maintaining a silky and clean coat. Only a tiny percentage of long-haired cats that have developed matting or have difficulty grooming themselves may require professional grooming. Additionally, Sphynx cats, which have no hair, must have a bath once a week since their skin produces a lot of oils but has little hair to catch them. Depending on how unclean the cat is and their skin’s state, cats should have a bath once a week or twice a week.

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