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5 Essential Things To Pack For Your Dog’s Boarding Stay

Dog's Boarding Stay

It can be a challenging moment to leave your dog behind while traveling, but they are not always practical to bring along. Many hotel chains have policies prohibiting the presence of pets in their rooms. It is why having your dog boarded becomes necessary.

Boarding your dog may be overwhelming for you and your fur baby. They may require additional attention, and a good boarding facility should ensure they are comfortable and satisfied with their stay. You must ensure you visit the care facility before your travel to guarantee your dog is relaxed in his new surroundings.

Whether your dog is a first-time boarder or an experienced boarder, you want to make sure he has everything he needs to feel at ease and stress-free while you are gone. Most pet hotels offer beds, treats, and other necessities for dogs during their stay. But, pet parents are welcome, and often advised, to bring a few extra items to ensure their dog enjoys the boarding experience to the fullest extent possible. Here are five essentials to pack in your pet’s doggie bag before he goes on his boarding staycation.

Your Dog’s Identification

You must ensure that your dog has proper identification before leaving him in a boarding facility. It’s advisable to keep this information up to date at all times, but it’s definitely necessary when your dog is out of the house. To ensure appropriate identification, your dog should wear a collar with an ID tag, and it’s also a good idea to install a microchip. Your dog should, at the very least, have a name, your name as the fur parent, and your accurate phone number or anyone in your family. You may include an address or extra emergency contact information for unforeseen circumstances.

Favorite Treats and Toys

If your dog is vacationing at a pet-friendly hotel, he will most likely want some distractions to keep him entertained throughout the day. Even though the boarding facility is well-equipped, your dog will appreciate having something familiar with them. Packing his favorite treats and toys will encourage him to enjoy his stay and interact with human or doggy pals he may meet. These items may also remind your dog of home and give him the impression that his routine is still relatively the usual. For instance, if your dog gets a specific treat daily, you can request that the boarding facility do the same.

Medicines & Supplements

There are many instances where dogs take medication or supplements. If your dog needs any daily pills or vitamins, you must pack them during their stay. Boarding facilities would gladly ensure that your dog receives all necessary medications and supplements. Include directions on the number of doses, dosage amount, and when they should be taken. Always bring enough for the duration of the stay, plus an additional pill or two as a backup in case there are unexpected delays and your dog has to spend an extra night.

Extra Food and Other Essentials

Most boarding facilities provide their own food, but a sudden switch in diet can be unhealthy for your pups, particularly if it occurs during stressful situations. To avoid this, you have to provide their usual food, which is enough for the duration of their visit. The best way to prepare food is to use zip locks and name their meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It ensures that your dog receives the proper amount of food at the appropriate time of day. It’s also a good idea to bring some extra food because there may be unexpected circumstances, such as flights getting delayed or your trip may be extended. In an emergency, having a few days’ worth of extra food will be essential.

A Familiar Blanket or Something That Reminds Him of Home

It’s not surprising that our pets miss us when we’re not around. Staying in a boarding facility, or even at a friend’s house, can be frightening for our dogs, so providing them with familiar things can make them feel more relaxed. It’s a good idea to bring an old T-shirt or blanket. Ensure these things contain your scent, the scent of your dog, and the scent of your household. The familiarity will help calm your dog if he becomes anxious or homesick, and these items are simple to carry in your pup’s bag. They’re also warm and emotionally calming.

It can be overwhelming to leave your beloved pet while on vacation, but you’ll be together again before you know it. You may have peace of mind that your dog is happy and secure by selecting a trustworthy dog boarding facility and packing these five essentials your dog will require. And most likely enjoy a wonderful vacation themselves.

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