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How to choose the right cattery for your kitty?

How to choose the right cattery for your kitty

We all enjoy well-earned vacations, but sadly, the family’s four-legged relatives may not be able to accompany us. While it is feasible to travel with your cat, most cat owners conclude it is not practicable. Hence, cat owners look for places to board their cats, But it’s also crucial that your cat be content while you are away so that you may enjoy the sun, sea, sand, and adventure. And suitable catteries are helpful in this situation.

Since catteries get booked almost immediately, you must keep a place in advance.

However, finding the right cat cattery for your precious little pet is not easy. It’s because you don’t want to just leave it there without knowing that it’s in safe hands. But how do we know that? This article will walk you through some essential factors to consider when choosing the right cattery to have peace of mind while you are away.

1. Tour the facility


An essential step before choosing a cattery is physically visiting the cattery. Before booking a cattery, turn up at the facility and ask to have a look around. This will give you an authentic feel for the place. If they show an interest in your cat and ask questions about them, then this is a good indication that they will take good care of your cat.

Check the sleeping area, cat litter boxes, and garbage disposal facilities and make sure the facility smells fresh.  Since cats have a natural urge to scratch, look for scratching posts. Enquire for safety ratings provided by the local authority. Look for safety elements like double gating, solid and durable fences, enough ventilation through open doors, a fresh-air exchange system, rubber and epoxy flooring, and reliable and durable walls. Check to discover if the pet care has any safety measures in place as well. Inside the building, a few things to watch out for are as follows:

  • Safe corridors
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Strong fencing
  • Safe floor coverings

We at The Barking Lot are always pleased to have you, our pet owners, visit our establishment. We would be happy to give you a tour or let you see your cat while they are staying with us. Our goal at The Barking Lot is to ensure your cats feel at home. Hence, we have placed litter trays and water facilities in convenient places for your little kitten. Everything we do is focused on safety, and we always group fellow cats based on their size, age, and behavior. 

2. The Staff

The Staff

Without a doubt, the personnel is the lifeblood of any establishment. Have confidence that your pet is receiving the best care possible. Give the pet sitters instructions on how to care for your cat and make them aware of any medical issues that need to be addressed. Since it has been proven that female cats require more water, ask the pet sitters to do the needful.  If they reply well to your requests, you’ll have faith that they’ll take good care of your cat if you choose them.

The Barking Lot’s friendly Care Crew understands cats’ importance to their owners. It is critical to have a staff that is easy to communicate with. Checking in on a cat with an open line of communication will be a breeze. Choosing a cattery ahead of time will take much of the stress of vacation planning. Nobody should be concerned about their cat’s well-being while they are away from home.

3. Services Offered

Services offered
How to choose the right cattery for your kitty? 7

A high-quality daycare facility for your pet should resemble a supervised play date. Your cats should be able to socialize with other cats and their owners while exercising and generally having fun at a cattery facility. The private quarters should have a comfortable size, a sleeping room, and an individual running area. Only cats from the same home should ever share this area. It should be cozy, pristine, and safe.

We have designed a one-of-a-kind and 100% safe outdoor Catio for our cat guests to soak up some sun and fun while in our care – Enjoy Yourself!   We know they’ll want to come back for more!

Our kitty condo promises lots and lots of sweet sleep to our feline guests.

We offer curbside service when you think things couldn’t get better. Let us come to you when you’re in a rush for work or in a hurry to catch a flight. Give us a call when you pull up to drop off or pick up your pet, and we will come out as soon as possible. Our cattery is fully equipped to provide our guests ample play and rest. While we know our cat guests enjoy lots of sleep in our cozy suites, we encourage them to get busy playing in our indoor and outdoor spaces, specially designed with them in mind. We do this to make sure the cat’s behavior is excellent.

4. Boarding your cat


Reputable catteries will demand that you present documentation of your cat’s vaccinations while boarding your cat. It is advisable to avoid them if they do not request this since it may indicate that some of the cats in their care have not received vaccinations and may be ill.

At The Barking Lot, we will make things simple for you and your baby by following only three steps to admit your pet.

  • Register your pet- Go ahead and fill out our Registration Form so we can learn about you and your cat and how to best care for them.
  • Upload details- We require up-to-date vaccination records to ensure the safety of all the guests in our care. We’ll remind you when vaccinations are due next.
  • The boring stuff- We then ask that you sign off on our Service Level Agreement.

To make sure your cat has everything she requires make a list. When it’s time to board, you and your cat may relax knowing that you have considered her needs. Products include their favorite blanket, toys, treats, essential oils, and medicines.

5. Make sure they have a plan for emergency medical care

How to choose the right cattery for your kitty? 8

Cat owners should also inquire whether a veterinarian is on call in the untimely case of an injury or illness. A good boarding facility will collaborate with a local veterinary office. This will provide a pet owner with peace of mind. It may also be possible to instruct the boarding facility to contact a particular veterinarian.

We have meticulously hired the best and most qualified Care Crew who supervises guests while in our care 24/7 so that you can rest assured that your best friends are in able hands. In addition, we share daily videos with you so you can join in the fun!

6. What About the Costs of Cattery

What About the Costs of Cattery
How to choose the right cattery for your kitty? 9

Ah yes, now that we’ve reviewed the requirements of a good cattery, we have to look at the pricing. Costs of boarding facilities vary widely, so you should consider the quality care and exercise your pet will receive while at the daycare you select. Choose a facility you’re genuinely impressed with to ensure you and your pet get excellent value. If your cat appears happy and tired at day’s end, you’ve likely chosen the right spot!

We promise that you will find value for money in our pricing system. Visit our pricing page for more details.

The bottom line when choosing a cattery for your cat is that you need to do your homework. Choose the one that will make your cat feel at home. Choosing a cattery with an experienced and qualified staff is an important start. But following other tips like creating a personal inspection of the facilities to see if it is clean, warm, and comfortable will make the most difference in how well your kitty will adjust to his new living quarters. It is usually best to choose a cattery with a good reputation built on their work in caring for past cats. Ultimately, your choice of a cattery should come down to which one you trust to take good care of your cat or kitten. Picking the best cattery that suits your pet’s needs and meets your requirements has many benefits. We are here for you if you’re looking for a Catio in the UAE! At The Barking Lot, we offer an authentic “pet vacation” for your little one.